We're proud to be working with Raffaele Sandbach

Working at The Launch Room Creative hit a personal high this week!


I started the business to fundamentally support small businesses grow but demand saw me working with clients far and wide, large and small. I'm grateful for every single one of my clients support but there was always the passion to help my local business owners which I've finally accomplished an opportunity this week.

There's a small, almost artisan cafe/Italian in Sandbach which I've visited for many years. The quality of service and produce has always delivered nothing but positive results and it's clear everyone feels the same. Their passion and incredible work ethic has always given me the desire to help them for a long time and take their business to the next level.


We can proudly confirm that we are working with the brilliant folks at Raffaele to deliver them their first website and supporting materials. The project was only confirmed two days ago and we're aiming to have the site live before the end of the month... You could call that a quick turn around!


Christopher Wainman