Ageism; The failure of talent acquisition


Growing up in an industry that revolves around talent, there were many limitations to searching for a career in the design. The frequent conclusion for unsuccessful interviews went along the lines of, "we have a candidate who has additional experience within our sector but we really loved your work". But why is this a problem, it's a valid point? Or is it? This is just one example, but let me argue my case further, we find similar experiences are happening within numerous industries.

With the age of technology and remote working, the 'pot of talent' that companies can tap into is oozing with potential yet we find it's still going amiss. And it's not just creative sectors, the effects of ageism are happening within lots of todays work places. There's an unspoken agreement that to grow within an organisation, you must 'pay your dues' before given the opportunity to be promoted. In more than one case, I have witnessed companies force unwilling team members into management when 'less qualified' employees make it clear they are seeking to grow into a managerial role but why is this?

We put it down to ageism. Senior members of staff are unfortunately applying aged methods of career progression, seeking age and experience over talent and drive. Who wants a graduate or a fresh faced employee representing their company... We do and so should you. 


We don't believe you can train drive, passion and talent, there has to be focus and motivation behind that individual. What you can provide is opportunities for them to gain experience and therefore develop their skills. To create something effective, aesthetic and functional can simply be down to the talent and capabilities of that individual. If their current skills and experience mean they wouldn't know how to apply that design to a vehicle for instance, you show them. But why give that opportunity to somebody that can create these graphics already but lacks the raw talent? 

On a recent observation, we find companies working in the technology sector have broken through this barrier of development quicker than any other sectors, but i'd be curious to know why you think this is. We have our thoughts, what about you? 

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