Online freelancing sites - You get what you pay for

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In the SME market, finding a reliable designer is becoming harder than ever, as on the surface we all deliver the same outcome, correct? So why would you pay for higher costing services?

With the added ability to service your requirements through '$5' freelancing sites, the value behind local designers skills is becoming significantly reduced as well as a challenge to propose.

As fantastic as the internet has been for the industry, it has put a 'curse' on the true essence of design along with impacting the potential of your local talent.

But why is it impacting designers, surely it increases the broadness of potential customers with being able to work internationally from your very desk. This is true, but to what consequence. Churning out work at a low cost doesn't deliver quality work and the ability to communicate this to a client is about as easy as Sudoku.

These low cost solutions are what attract people to use them, as on the surface, we're delivering the same deliverable. The best analogy I inherited from a client was, "why buy a bacon butty for £6 when it's £2 next door?". Just like the bacon butty, the missing element is often quality. 

The quality of the outcome isn't totally reliant on the designer's skills, but it is heavily reliant on the back-end research the designer puts in. Research of the market, the client, the competitors etc. With these low cost solutions, how much of the given time can they afford to invest in research in order to deliver the best result?

Additionally to research, the design may want to show a story. These very requirements, in my experience, can take a great amount of time which again may not be considered with your online solutions. These very elements are what add to the success of the work.

A logo design is what is usually requested from these online services but your corporate logo isn't something to take lightly. This is the key starting point for communicating your business values and messages to the market. Emotions which should be included within the brief of your design requirements and therefore influence further work for your corporate branding.

Combining the research, the story, the messages and the values are what result in successful designs but these do take time. Linked with a strong design ability, your design is in safe hands but this level of quality comes at a cost, but a cost we passionately believe is worth every penny. Tapping into you potential client/customers emotions to deliver positive thought processes is the very first step in gaining 'organic traffic'. What we mean by that is, if someone is in the market for a logo and coming directly to you, that's 'direct traffic' but the real value comes from influencing passers by to 'come in'. In analytical terms, this is what all sites strive to gain. This is the key to business growth. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on online freelancing along with any experiences from both parties so please feel free to comment. We appreciate the 'deliverer' and the 'recipient' will have different views which we'd love to see discussed.