I M Evolution - the brand that evolved!

David Pykett - Managing Director of I M Evolution

David Pykett - Managing Director of I M Evolution

Back at the start of 2019, we met with David Pykett, the Managing Director of I M Evolution, to discuss supporting them with a new corporate website. From early discussions with David, it was clear our collaboration was going to be a great success as they ventured into their next business chapter.

Like many of our clients, Davids skills and talents are focused on running the business, and not the branding of the company. We were thrilled to offer some insights in how we could support them and our ideas were greatly received. Soon enough, what started as a website pitch, quickly evolved into a much bigger exercise.

The design of the brand

It’s very easy to say ‘yes’ to the first concept a designer puts in front of you, just because it ‘looks good’, but we have to take into account the psychology and messaging it brings with it. We felt that the message I M Evolution wanted to put across, wasn’t being expressed in the current delivery of their brand or assets.

As the team were already invested in the current logo in place, we new the project was much better suited for a refresh and not a total disconnection from the current design in place. This led to us designing a simplified logo and an updated colour scheme to better match the brands personality.


I M Evolution had previously seen a web designer about their new site, but weren’t satisfied by what was put forward. We took great care in understanding I M Evolution and its values, additionally looking at other forms of software that they use on a regular basis.

We were intrigued to find the team were using a CRM system to manage a lot of their sale conversions. By letting us study the system and how they used it, we were able to build a much better design and process in place, consisting of lead enquiry & management, multiple email designs and automated lead integration. All though this was put forward as small task at first, we saw the bigger picture and have now managed to save the team countless hours of manual data processing.


From there, the project quickly flourished. As we had taken the time to better understand the business, our image of the brand and it’s website were clear.

On completion of the project, we had provided I M Evolution with:

  • Brand refresh

  • Informative website

  • Social account designs

  • Email signature design

  • Site launch announcement marketing.

  • CRM system integration

  • Lead email designs

  • Automated data processing

So without further ado, we’re pleased to show you the I M Evolution brand new website, produced by yours truly, The Launch Room Creative.