Create relationships, not sales... Marketing for startups

When it comes to marketing your business as a startup company, there really is no better way to invest your money than social paid advertising.

When ever I meet a new startup client who’s wanting to produce and distribute flyers, I always explain to them the value and the actual benefit to boost posting. Instead of paying to have your flyers designed, printed and distributed, which will most likely end up in that persons recycling bin, you can have your post (which could be an electronic version of your flyer) directly to your target audiences timelines.

So how does it work you ask?

Well as a business page admin on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or just a general account on Twitter, you basically give a set amount of money to distribute your post outside of your current network. You have the capabilities to set the parameters of the target audience to ensure for maximum engagement.

Make content that counts

Whilst in the early days of your business, it’s critical to get your name/brand out there and that just means investing the time to creating and distributing content as much as possible. But when it comes to paid ads as a startup, be creative and most of all, be engaging. What ever you’re putting out into the world wide web, make sure it’s going to captivate. Our best suggestions are to put on a sale, giveaway a product, make a competition. You can additionally consider collecting consumer data for further marketing but remember to be GDPR compliant. Not sure about GDPR compliance? Give this free article a read.

Handy tip* Video engagement is a lot more successful than a still image, you may want to consider how you can apply this to your marketing methods.

Understand your audience

One of the crucial parts about making your ad work, is knowing your market and your audiences behaviours. When you come to post an ad, you have to consider the demographics, interests and behaviours of your customers, to be able to create the audience parameters. If you know your potential custom, you have better chance of success with your ad.

Don’t worry about taking over the world yet though, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and give it time. I go on the basis of financial investing a little and targeting a smaller area over a few days (dependent on the industry type).

Don’t focus on the results

Now, as a startup, don’t be disheartened by poor sales or clickthrough figures. Investing in your brand to develop awareness can be just as valuable to your company and those relationships can develop into sales.

Summary of a recent boosted post for our latest client  Brewtiful

Summary of a recent boosted post for our latest client Brewtiful


Take one of our latest clients for example. From a marketer that see's a lot of analytical data for paid advertising, so to have that level of impressions against that level of engagement is an absolute success. Focus on creating relationships, not sales. The rest will take care of itself.

Whats making this post such a success?

  1. The advert that was created was produced as an animation as we know it increases engagement.

  2. The content itself is offering discount rates as an introductory offer, discounted around 50% from rrp. Discounted services but massively increased sales can be massively rewarding. You’ve helped build a further potential customer basis even if profit margins were decreased. They may come back again depending how they find your service.

  3. Targeted ads! I budgeted only £10 over 5 days for facebook to distribute this ad to a female audience, between the ages of x and x, who met additional criteria for interests and behaviours. I additionally told facebook to only distribute this advert to people in the same town as the business.

The outcome

849 people have had this advert on their timelines. 749 of those people have either watched the video or interacted with my post with a like, share or comment. Regardless of the sales that have resulted from the advert, you have to understand the value of having 749 people who now know your business. People who may have then continued to like your page or commented on a post. Now this persons friends can see the post they liked and may like it themselves. That is, the goal and opportunity for success with social marketing.

Know your audience and work on your content. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have to give it your time.
— C Wainman - Founder of TLR

Christopher Wainman