Williams Repair House gets an upgrade with The Launch Room Creative

Smartphones, whether you love them or hate them, we just can't seem to live without one. Then, when bad luck strikes and your left with a broken/damaged phone, what do you do? Who do you trust?

Williams Repair House (WRH), a local iPhone and iPad repair specialist in Sandbach, came to The Launch Room with the request to make their business services easier and more effective to use, as well as reaching a larger audience. The businesses idea was to produce a website to let customers purchase their repair, send in their device and receive it back fully repaired. But to get to that point, Williams Repair House was lacking brand credibility and needed to create an image that let their customers know, there a team they can trust.

How did we help?

With the much-needed input from WRH, we developed a new brand image that lent itself to their industry, looking professional and credible. We worked with a few concepts but quickly made the decision of which one to go for.

The all new Williams Repair House logo, produced by The Launch Room Creative

A brand isn't just about a logo, so we continued to develop the look and feel of the business through social media, videography, photography and web design. The suite of materials comes together beautifully supporting their need to looking a professional and credible business.

In total, WRH benefited from services such as:

  • Brand/logo design
  • Ecommerce website able to take bookings, payments and specific details upon checkout
  • Social design
  • Custom domain email
  • Email marketing setup and template creation
  • Homepage animation
  • Advertising board signs
  • Social marketing support
WRH Mock-ups.jpg

Engage with the market

When it come's to making your business known, they say a picture can paint a thousand words. So how many words could a video paint? 

We know video marketing is high on the list of engagement but it also gave us the opportunity to quickly and effectively advertise about the business. The video now acts as a main attraction on the website and also on Facebook, following a recent update to allow video playback in the cover photo area.

We also helped WRH market their new website to their current social audience. With a strong following on facebook, we knew it would be an effective way to market the new mail in service but it was making sure it was easy to quickly understand.


So why not check the all new Williams Repair House website to see the range of devices they fix and services they offer. You never know when they might come in use.

The Launch Room Creative