A new chapter calls for a fresh look


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the new and improved, The Launch Room Creative website.

The new and improved, The Launch Room website

With a fresh outlook on the direction of the business, it was vital to refresh the look and feel of the website. But how can you express that you have changed and adapted to the market needs and instantly let your audience know? Simple, you employ a creative. As a designer, we're very focused on the 'cover of the book' and if something isn't working, we're already losing potential clients. 

When assessing the previous website, It wasn't so much as aesthetic errors but it became apparent that the Launch Room website wasn't as user friendly as hoped. Masses amount of information simply wasn't being digested and therefore was pointless. Our messages were becoming lost and it wasn't apparent what we deliver.

The ability to access information at the click of a finger, means we are endlessly processing new information, whether it's your sisters trip to the pyramids or the latest news on the BBC app. It is an epidemic which is resulting in us living in a micro-content society, this needs to be the vary core of your website sitemap and design.

Combining our core skills in design, marketing and UX, we can introduce to you the brand new, The Launch Room website. We welcome you thoughts, please feel free to comment below.