The results are in!

Less than one month in and the Raffaele website performance is something to be showcasing.

Built efficiently and effectively, we already have clear success with our marketing training, SEO rating and page engagement. Bear in mind there was no previous website set to piggy back any success from, we've started totally from scratch.

  • SEO terms getting quickly picked up onto page 1 of google
  • Stabilising at 100 site views a day and 2,518 visitors since launch last month.

Our marketing training and consultation has resulted in:

  • Posts reaching a total of 6,000 viewers since launch of the website and 2,700 of those people engaging in those posts.
  • 1,643 people reached this week alone!

We can't begin to tell you how impressed we are with how the team at Raffaele have taken our tool (the website) along with basic training of marketing and produced such impressive results in such a short period of time.

An absolutely perfect testimony to how effective our websites and training services are. Well done guys!


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