Millennials - What's the issue?

I found myself in a recent LinkedIn discussion which had the entrepreneur Phillip Nun post a video, narrated by Grant Cordone, on how Millennials are "running away from their troubles" by traveling the world instead of focusing their efforts towards creating a business.

The post was labeled "A reality check for millennials". View the video that was linked to the post.

Following the video, I was experiencing mixed emotions. As a business created by a Milliennial, I felt the need to comment.

I responded:

Even though I'm very focused about growing my business as a young owner, I find that this video strangely grates me as I know that peoples aspirations don't match mine/ours. I believe traveling is a fantastic opportunity supplying a new richness of life and culture for those who may not want to settle down. 
Although I haven't travelled myself, I have friends that have and know for sure the memories made are worth every penny. 
I am very driven on business development but I don't think either choice is right or wrong (as long as you're happy, you pay your dues and contribute to society) but there still remains this irritability and assumption with Millennials that we're off with fairies building apps, drinking coffee, glued to social media and "running away from our troubles" to travel the world?
You never know what's around the corner and a lifetime of hard work maybe cut short before reaping the rewards of your success".

I can't help but think that there appears to be some bitterness to millennials and our only reasoning can be that these are one of the first generations to experience opportunities and career prospects that were never available before. 

Creating businesses has never been so easy. With a laptop you can travel the world and continue to work thanks to the internet. An opportunity that previous generations didn't have the joy of experiencing and therefore limited their options. 

I have to say, I kind of get it... It's like buying an expensive pair of shoes to find one week later your neighbour got them for 10% what you paid but still, it's not their fault.

I'd love to know your thoughts, do you think millennials need a "reality check"? 

Christopher WainmanComment