The brand new website for Raffaele

Here we have it folks, the brand new website for Raffaele Sandbach. The quickest build of The Launch Rooms history! From getting the go ahead to launching the site has taken us a mere 10 days! (Mind you, I dare not mention the hours put in).

The design of the site organically developed from discussions with the team at Raffaele. The desire to create a feeling of 'atmosphere' whilst continuing to emphasise a personal approach along with supporting the essence of quality. These requirements helped us develop the look and feel of the website remaining true to the existing brand.


"what you have done, it's just better then anything else out there"

Alessio Serra - Founder of Raffaele

With the need to be constantly advertising new menus, events and news, it was essential to make sure the site was designed with the user in mind. With basic training, the folks at Raffaele can update content, images, pages and information from anywhere in the world with a computer and internet connection.

With that in mind, we helped Alessio and Salvatore immediately advertise for the up and coming Christmas festivities applying landing page and CTA (call to action) functionality to the site along with consulting the team on marketing best practise and content distribution.

Without further delay, we are very pleased to introduce to you the brand new Raffaele website.

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