Conexus medstaff logo, produed by Christopher Wainman

Who are Conexus

Formerly known as Link Hospital & Healthcare Professionals, Conexus has been providing market-leading recruitment services for more than 25 years and, in 2010, our dedicated healthcare company was created. Since then, they have rapidly developed a reputation in the industry for providing the very best healthcare talent for our clients. They do so through working closely with clients to gain an understanding of their exact personnel needs so that we provide the right 

What we produced

Conexus Brand Suite.jpg

Developing the Logo

The use of iconography within the design is essential to the brand from it's development of it's logo. We pondered over the creation of the logo continuously looking into the messaging behind it. Taking a step back, we built the concept on saying exactly what the service offers. Helping healthcare professionals travel across the world, mostly in the USA. We captured this within iconography and the use of red, white and blue. 



Exhibition materials

Attending conferences across the globe was a regular occurrence for the Conexus team and having materials to support their brand message was essential. 

From exhibition displays to supporting assets, we equipped Conexus with the elements for continuous brand recognition whilst remaining true to the brand.


Compliant Recruitment website

The Conexus rebrand delivered the requirement of needing a fully interactive job board. A task we were happy to fulfil with the help our partnership with Volcanic, a platform known for providing recruitment & staffing websites and job boards generating better candidate conversion and growth.